Appeal to decrease the cost of A-frame signs

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August 26, 2016
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Dear Hermosa Beach City Council members and city staff,

My name is xxxxxxx, and I’m the owner of xxxxxxx. I’m writing in regards to the $535 application fee for the A-frame signs.
While I support the concept of the ordinance, the cost of the application fee has priced me out of participating in this ​program. The vision of attractive and customized A-frame signs welcoming pedestrians into our stores helps to reinforce the village-type atmosphere that is so treasured in our seaside community and ​attract pedestrians into my store. It’s disappointing that myself and other business owners are incapable of being part of this solely on the premise that we’re financially unable to obtain a permit.
I agree with regulating this particular signage to address the City Council’s concern about aesthetics and maintaining safe pathways for pedestrians to walk through downtown, but the initial costs unfortunately prohibit me from using an A-frame in spite of the more reasonable annual renewal of $90.
Please reconsider significantly reducing the price of the application fee to an amount that is affordable for our community’s businesses so I can contribute even more to Hermosa Beach’s economic success.